P14651: Drop Tower for Microgravity Studies

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Build, Test, and Integrate

Iterative activities to validate functionality and performance at the sub-system and system level.

Problem List & Status

Test Plans & Test Results

Subsystem Test Plans & Results

Test #1 - Energy Dissipation Control

Test #2 - Release Mechanism Functionality

Test #3 - Laser Sensor Accuracy Control

Test #4 - Gage Reading Accuracy Control

Test #5 - DAQ Signal Manipulation

Test #6 - Program Logic Precision

Test #7 - Tower Stability Control

Test #8 - Air Leak Rate Test

Results Summary

Customer Requirement Outcomes

Engineering Requirement Outcomes

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Instruction Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

Safety & Service Manual

Laboratory Experiment Templates

The following templates were created by the group to facilitate use of the tower. While not necessarily complete they will give a basis for an instructor to build off of in the future, when necessary. These experiments encompass a variety of topics at varying levels of education, from the middle school to undergraduate level. In order of difficulty, they are as follows:

Experiment #1 - Vacuum vs Atmosphere

Experiment #2 - Extra Vacuum Experiments

Experiment #3 - Gravity in a Vacuum

Experiment #4 - Gravity in Atmosphere

Experiment #5 - Calculating Drag Coefficient

Experiment #6 - Changing Acceleration vs Air Pressure

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