P14651: Drop Tower for Microgravity Studies

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Norms & Values

Team Ethics

Team Ethics

To download our Code of Ethics, click the following link Team Ethics

Project Schedules

For our MSD I Project Schedule, click the following link: MSD I Project Schedule

For our MSD II Project Schedule, click the following link: MSD II Project Schedule

Bill of Materials

Each component in our drop tower design has undergone an iterative improvement process before a final selection is made. All possible component solutions are stored within the overall Bill of Materials (B.O.M.)

Overall Bill of Materials

The components actually purchased based on the final Bill of Materials are listed as a Running Total for an overall project cost.

P14651 Running Total

Risk Assessment & Problem Analysis

Identifying potential risks is an important part of the design process. It can save a lot of time and frustration during the testing phase of MSD II if we can prevent any major problems in advance. Below is first a list of potential risks or issues, created during MSD I. Second is a list of actually problems that the team faced during assembly and testing of the drop tower as well as the steps taken to address these issues and reach a final solution.
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

To download our Risk Assessment, click the following link. Risk Assessment

To download our Problem List, click the following link. Problem List

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I Meetings

Note: See customer and process review notes for more infomation

September 19, 2013 Meeting

September 22, 2013 Meeting

November 17, 2013 Meeting

Customer Updates


Progress Report - 9/11/13

Meeting with Dean Palmer #1 - Notes

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - Engineering Analysis

Project Proposal - Notes

Customer Meeting Presentation 11/7/13

Notes 11/7/13


Weekly Progress Reports

Peer Reviews

For our MSD I Peer Reviews, click the following link MSD I Peer Review

For our MSD II Peer Reviews, click the following link MSD II Peer Review

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