P14712: Frozen Cookie Capacity Increase


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The Wegmans Bakeshop is a high volume manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY. This Bakery Facility provides for 82 Wegmans stores. At the bakery, cookie dough is processed for frozen cookies, which is a multi-step process. In the frozen cookie production line, there are over 13 different types of cookies. This production line shares its mixer with the commercial cookie production line and its blast freezer with the frozen donuts line, which causes significant scheduling conflicts in the line. In addition to these conflicts, the three main processes (pre-scaling, mixing, and dividing) are not synchronized. Cookie dough is able to be divided faster than it can be mixed, which is causing a bottleneck and under-utilization of resources. The current state of the line leads to staffing variability, use of overtime, lack of standardization, and production delays.

In the first semester of senior design, the team observed all three of the processes on the floor to investigate how the processes worked and identify areas of improvement in order to increase production capacity. In order to delineate the problems existing on the line, a fishbone diagram was used with a 5M categorization. General solution concepts were created, which led to more specific kaizen/process improvement ideas. These project ideas were further narrowed to a list of seven that were presented as recommendations to Wegmans Bakeshop management during the Detailed Design Review phase. Wegmans Bakeshop management accepted five of the seven process improvement ideas with some modifications.

In the second semester of senior design, the team started by finalizing the test plan for the five process improvement projects. These projects were then completed between February and May of 2014. The projects are divided into five interdependent categories: Mixer Worker Justification Project, Sanitation Kaizen, Recipe Modification Project, Operations Management, and Standard Work. The Mixer Worker Justification Project, Operations Management, and Standard Work projects were all completed successfully and many of the recommendations were implemented by Wegmans. The Sanitation Kaizen was discontinued and the Recipe Modification Project was not implemented by Wegmans. A summary of these improvement projects can be found on the Improvement Projects page and the final presentation, poster, and paper that summarize our project can be found in Final Deliverables.

Project Name
Frozen Cookie Capacity Increase
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen
Primary Customer
Mike Least,
Sponsor (financial support)
Wegmans Bakeshop

Team Members

Team Members (left to right): Tyler Brent, Valeria Gonzalez, Bridget Eggers, Richard Latham

Team Members (left to right): Tyler Brent, Valeria Gonzalez, Bridget Eggers, Richard Latham

Member Role Contact
Tyler Brent Industrial Engineer tmb7631@rit.edu
Bridget Eggers Industrial Engineer bxe2601@rit.edu
Valeria Gonzalez Industrial Engineer vxg6756@rit.edu
Richard Latham Industrial Engineer (Project Manager) rel5224@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Sub-System Design

Detailed Design

Test Plan

Improvement Projects

Final Deliverables

Lessons Learned


We would like to thank Wegmans BakeShop for their support in completing this project, especially Jose Guzman, Mike Least, Shawn Hart, Bill Holden, Dave Schneider, and the employees of the Frozen Cookie production line. We would also like to thank our wonderful guide, Professor John Kaemmerlen for his continued encouragement and wisdom.