P14712: Frozen Cookie Capacity Increase

Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned

Process Innovation Project Lessons

Project Management Lessons

Future Projects

Linking Finished Goods Inventory to Operations Scorecard

Currently, inventory is held in warehouses outside of the Wegmans Bakeshop. This inventory can dissipate or build without being communicated directly to those manufacturing the product. A suggestion would be to include inventory in the Production Operations Scorecard and extend accountability for the finished goods inventory to Operations.

Recipe Modification

Extending the Recipe Modification Project (see Improvement Projects) to other areas of the BakeShop. Adding mistake proofing element to the standard work would allow for the calculation of ingredients throughout the facility during the scaling operations to be eliminated or minimized by employing a table of calculations to remove that extra step.

Sanitation Kaizen

Continuing the Sanitation Kaizen (see Improvement Projects) by performing analysis on the variability associated with mixing and dividing sanitation processes would be useful. A strong gap between the current state of sanitation on the frozen cookie line and an ideal state is the ability to reduce the large variability that exists in the cycle time of cleaning the divider machine and blast freezer conveyor.

Communication Boards

In observing the operations of the team leaders, the team noted that there was communication gaps between one team leader and a later team leader. Despite there being hand-off notes from team leader to team leader, decisions made earlier in the day can sometimes be misconstrued by the end of the day. The team recommends the use of communication boards to organize this communication in a structured manner. This communication board can include an assortment of useful information including worker schedules, production and schedule changes, tracking of key performance indicators on the line, and updates on current projects on the line. These boards should have well defined areas for each of these communication categories.

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