P14712: Frozen Cookie Capacity Increase

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

The Wegmans Bakery is a very high volume manufacturing facility in Henrietta, NY. At the bakery, cookie dough is processed for over 13 different types of frozen cookies. This is a multi-step process with shared resources with two other production lines, the commercial cookie line and frozen donuts line. Three of the steps, scaling, mixing, and dividing dough, are not synchronized. Cookie dough is able to be divided faster than it can be mixed, which is causing a bottleneck and underutilizing resources. The current state of the line leads to staffing issues, use of overtime, and added frustration.

The goals of this project are to increase productivity as well as reduce overtime use. Through the study of the current state, the process times and product type must be analyzed in order to create a balanced production line. There can not be any food safety risks or negative ergonomic impacts.


Customer Requirements (Needs)

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)


Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Potential Solutions

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