P14712: Frozen Cookie Capacity Increase

Test Plan

Table of Contents

Meetings and Additional Notes


Peer Reviews

Reviews conducted using a Plus/Delta Reflection. Each team member said one thing that each team member was doing well and one thing that each team member could improve upon. These reviews were conducted during MSD II.

Test Plan

Each improvement activity has relevant Engineering Requirements associated to it. Not all of the Engineering Requirements apply to each activity. At the end of each activity, an analysis will be done to determine if each activity met the specified requirements and are working to meet our project goal.

The Test Plan describes each activity, the associated engineering requirements, the current and target state, and how its effectiveness will be measured.


Project Plan

Below is the breakdown of each improvement project and the chronological procedure for how they will be completed.

Project Task Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the tasks for each of the five improvement project categories, as well as goals revolving around sustaining the improvements made and the final deliverables that reflect on the project as a whole. This document acts as a checklist with a designated leader (or leaders) and deadline.

MSD I: Planning & Execution | Problem Definition | Systems Design | Sub-System Design | Detailed Design
MSD II: Test Plan | Improvement Projects | Final Deliverables | Lessons Learned