P14731: Production Process for Magnetic Test Target

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Here is the most recent revision for the current base plate design. The Plate features variable depths for each row so a proper pocket depth may be selected after testing. A second variation of this plate design has also been ordered. This variations includes a wider rib which allows a larger taper to help assist in positioning the patch.


Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Here is the finalized functional decomposition for color target assembly

Image:Function Decompostion.png

Here is the finalized flow diagram for all major processes that take place during that assembly.

Image:Flow Diagram.jpg

Bill of Material (BOM)

Test Plans

Test Plans (Most up to date version)

1. Order at least one of each desired size

2. Order 60 units for final testing. This gives >95% confidence for pass fail trials

Amount of Units: ln(1-.95) / ln(1-.05) = 58.4 Units

3. Conduct time trials for:

Assembling targets

Switching from one color scheme to another

4. Calculate unit cost for all inputs to find UMC

Inputs include plate, cut paper squares, glue and labor (assume a wage for labor and multiply by time)

5. Measure assembled targets for % of damage, and positional accuracy with a microscope

6. Calculate yield

Risk Assessment

Refer to the Risk Management on Planning and Execution

Design Reviews

Week 9 Presentation

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