P14731: Production Process for Magnetic Test Target


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Imaging targets for color calibration of digital cameras and scanners have been used for the past 50 years. Certain medical and scientific applications require smaller color targets, which have led to complications in manufacturing. The reasons for these complications consist of forming component parts, customization requests, and final target assembly. The current process consists of cutting strips and butting them together by hand. This process can result in improper alignment thus producing low yields.

The objective of this project is to optimize or design this process to manufacture these color targets at lower costs, higher yields, and improve customization ability.

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Project Name
Manufacturing Optimization of Small Scale Color Imaging Targets
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Faculty Guide
Farnand, Susan farnand@cis.rit.edu
Primary Customer
Williams, Don d.williams@ImageScienceAssociates.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Imaging Science Association

Team Members

team photo

team photo

Member Role Contact
Maria Camila Luna Industrial Engineer mcl7854@rit.edu
Pablo Santizo Matheu Industrial Engineer pxs3517@rit.edu
Zachary Borden Mechanical Engineer zjb6148@rit.edu
Zachary Delurey Mechanical Engineer zad2912@rit.edu

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