P14731: Production Process for Magnetic Test Target

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Norms & Values

Weekly Meetings:

Wednesday at 5 p.m. at Engineering Learning Center (ELC).

Roles and Responsibilities:

Each group member will give an equal amount of effort for constructing all material that will be showed at the phase reviews. When a task with a certain skill set is needed, the group member that is most fit for that task will be assigned to the job. If the task becomes overbearing, additional help will be assigned. The Project Manager, Maria,is in charge of organizing group meetings and activities, as well as keeping members on track as work and activity increases.


Main form of communication will be e-mail. Texting and phone calls will be made if something is urgent. Important decisions will be taken during weekly meetings.

Decision Making:

We will discuss with everyone before making big decision. Since we are a smaller group, decisions will be made by consensus. After a decision has been made, everyone will support that decision.

Conflict Management:

A preliminary discussion will be made in person. If the issue is urgent, all team members will be alerted by phone or email. If the issue can not be solved by the prior alternatives, the issue will be brought to the project guide.

Project Schedules

Senior Design I Schedule

Senior Design II Schedule

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Project Reviews

Week 3 Presentation

Week 6 Presentation

Week 9 Presentation

Week 12 Presentation

Week 15 Presentation

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