P14731: Production Process for Magnetic Test Target

Systems Design

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Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Concept Status Name Picture Comments
Inactive Machined Slots
Put logo here
Put logo here
Does not look as nice as individual pockets
Active Individual Pockets
Inactive Pick and Place CNC Machine Deemed too expensive
Inactive 90 Guide and 90 Push Placer Deemed unlikely to completely fix alignment
Inactive Circular Self Aligning Color Pieces Deemed to risky to change the look that much
Inactive Grid Frame Cover Over complicates by adding parts, if feasible, then so are indv pockets
Inactive Mechanized Alignment Guide Deemed to expensive or not likely to completely fix alignment

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition

Systems Architecture

Below is a Flow diagram for all the major processes that will occur during the assembly of the color imaging target. The beginning two processes for the color tiles and the base plate production have been outsourced due the fact that they were both cheaper and allowed for greater flexibility than the current process.

Image:Flow Diagram.jpg


After deciding to go with the pocket base design, one of the main concerns was that 3D printing would not be a viable option for the base plate. Making contact with some rapid prototyping companies, it became apparent that the technology was available to print the base plant at the accuracy that was wanted. One of the main reasons for the first prototype is to ensure that the quality and accuracy are up to par with the requirements for the project.

Risk Assessment

Refer to the Risk Management document on Planning and Execution

Systems Design Review

Week 6 Presentation

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