P15001: Soft Ankle-Foot Orthotic

Planning & Execution

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Team Members & Roles

Electrical Engineer / Project Lead: Adam Podolec

I am a fifth year electrical engineering student and senior member of Army ROTC. I will be graduating and commissioning in May 2015. After graduation, I expect to attend medical services basic officer leadership course (BOLC) in Fort Sam Houston. Following this course, I will attend Flight School at Fort Rucker Alabama and upon completion, I will fulfill my responsibilities with the New Hampshire National Guard in Concord NH, where I am currently seeking a full time job. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, mountain biking, and hiking.

Senior Electrical Engineer: Megan Ehrhart

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Megan is pursuing a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering. Through the German Academic Exchange Service, she served as a research intern for the Braunschweig University of Technology. Previous to that, Megan worked at Sandia National Laboratories for three summers as a Design Engineering Intern. During the school year, Megan has worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Electrical Engineering and as an office assistant in the Academic Support Center. Megan is a member of the RIT Honors Program, the Society of Women Engineers, and a member of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society. Megan recently returned from Co-op in Austin, Texas at Cirrus Logic as a Product Test Intern.

Mechanical Engineer:Jared Green

Jared Green is currently a fifth year student pursuing a BS/Meng duel degree in Mechanical Engineering. He transferred from Monroe Community College in 2012 after completing his AS in Engineering Science. His co-op experience includes a Research Assistant for the Bio-medical Engineering Department at RIT, and a Research Assistant for the Optical Technologies Department at the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Outside of school, Jared is a serious runner where he has placed in the top 5 of his age group for the Rochester Runner of the year series every year since graduating from high school.

Senior Mechanical Engineer: Tyler Leichtenberger

Tyler is a fifth year student pursuing his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, with graduation anticipated in May 2015.From Warren, Pennsylvania, Tyler has extensive co-op experience in both design and manufacturing, working 2 co-op blocks for LORD Corporation in Erie, PA, along with single blocks for Ellwood Group Incorporated in Irvine, PA, and Truck-Lite Corporation in Falconer, NY.Outside of academics, Tyler enjoys playing baseball, as he had a successful career as a pitcher for the varsity baseball team here at RIT for the past 4 years, holding 2 school records for relief pitchers. He currently is a graduate assistant with the team.

Mechanical Engineer / Team Facilitator: Noah Schadt

Mechanical Engineering student pursuing a bachelors degree in May 2015. Educated at home K-12, started Calculus at Onondaga Community College (OCC) at age 15, completed associates degree in Engineering Science at age 18. Transferred to RIT fall 2012. Co-op Experience: Barilla America Inc., Carrier Transicold Division of United Technologies Corporation, and Antares Group Inc. energy consulting engineering intern.

Biomedical Engineer / Treasurer:Geni Giannotti

Geni Giannotti is a 5th year RIT student majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Mechanical Engineering. She transferred to RIT from SUNY Alfred in 2011 after completing her freshman year in an Engineering Science program. Besides engineering, Geni enjoys gymnastics, water skiing, graphic design work in Photoshop, and designing/developing websites.

Project Plan

MSD 1 Working Timeline
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Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Week Number Date Meeting Notes Meeting Agendas
MSDI-1 8/28/2014 August 28 Notes
MSDI-2 9/2/2014 September 2 Notes
MSDI-2 9/4/2014 September 4 Notes
MSDI-3 9/8/2014 September 8 Notes September 8 Agenda
MSDI-3 9/9/2014 September 9 Notes
MSDI-4 9/15/2014 September 15 Notes September 15 Agenda
MSDI-4 9/16/2014 September 16 Notes
MSDI-4 9/18/2014 September 18 Notes
MSDI-5 9/22/2014 September 22 Notes September 22 Agenda
MSDI-5 9/23/2014 September 23 Notes
MSDI-5 9/25/2014 September 25 Notes
MSDI-6 9/29/2014 September 29 Notes September 29 Agenda
MSDI-6 9/30/2014 September 30 Notes
MSDI-6 10/2/2014 October 2 Notes
MSDI-7 10/6/2014 October 6 Notes October 6 Agenda
MSDI-7 10/7/2014 October 7 Notes
MSDI-7 10/9/2014 October 9 Notes
MSDI-8 10/14/2014 October 14 Notes October 14 Agenda
MSDI-8 10/16/2014 October 16 Notes
MSDI-9 10/20/2014 October 20 Notes October 20 Agenda
MSDI-9 10/23/2014 October 23 Notes
MSDI-10 10/27/2014 October 27 Notes October 27 Agenda
MSDI-10 10/28/2014 October 28 Notes
MSDI-10 10/30/2014 October 30 Notes
MSDI-11 11/3/2014 November 3 Notes November 3 Agenda
MSDI-11 11/4/2014 November 4 Notes
MSDI-11 11/6/2014 November 6 Notes
MSDI-12 11/10/2014 November 10 Notes November 10 Agenda
MSDI-12 11/11/2014 November 11 Notes
MSDI-13 11/17/2014 November 17 Notes November 17 Agenda
MSDI-13 11/20/2014 November 20 Notes
MSDI-14 11/24/2014 November 24 Notes November 24 Agenda
MSDI-14 11/25/2014 November 25 Notes
MSDI-15 12/1/2014 December 1 Notes December 1 Agenda
MSDI-15 12/2/2014 December 2 Notes
MSDI-15 12/4/2014 December 4 Notes
MSDI-16 12/8/2014 December 8 Notes December 8 Agenda
Week Number Date Meeting Notes Meeting Agendas
MSDII-1 1/27/2015 January 27 Notes
MSDII-1 1/29/2015 January 29 Notes
MSDII-2 2/3/2015 February 3 Notes
MSDII-2 2/5/2015 February 5 Notes
MSDII-3 2/10/2015 February 10 Notes February 10 Agenda
MSDII-3 2/12/2015 February 12 Notes
MSDII-4 2/17/2015 February 17 Notes
MSDII-4 2/19/2015 February 19 Notes
MSDII-5 2/24/2015 February 24 Notes February 24 Agenda
MSDII-5 2/26/2015 February 26 Notes
MSDII-6 3/3/2015 March 3 Notes March 3 Agenda
MSDII-6 3/6/2015 March 6 Notes
MSDII-7 3/10/2015 March 10 Agenda
MSDII-7 3/12/2015 March 12 Notes
MSDII-8 3/17/2015 March 17 Notes March 17 Agenda
MSDII-9 3/31/2015 March 31 Notes March 31 Agenda
MSDII-9 4/2/2015 April 2 Notes
MSDII-10 4/7/2015 April 7 Notes
MSDII-10 4/9/2015 April 9 Notes

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Team Values and Norms

The team has also developed a group Code of Ethics. This is a working document that will change as the group continues to grow.

What are the expectations for team behavior?
  • Each team member is committed to the project
  • Each team member meets the project deadlines
  • Each team member completes project deliverables in a timely manner
  • Each team member is honest and respectful
  • Each team member exhibits good attendance
  • Each team member effectively communicates with the other team members
How will the team ensure balanced distribution of work?
  • Assign team roles based on individual strengths
  • Hold weekly team meetings to review progress and work load
  • Encourage team members to ask for help if they feel overwhelmed or offer additional help to other team members if they feel underworked
How will the team determine roles and responsibilities?
  • First, identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses as well as necessary project roles and responsibilities. Then distribute the roles/responsibilities based on team members’ abilities.
How will the team honor the strengths of the individuals?
  • Ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard
  • Encourage team members to ask for help if needed
How will the team interact with the engineering guide?
  • Discuss project progress and deliverables during class time as well as outside of class time when necessary
  • Post weekly meeting minutes on Edge for viewing
  • Email
How will the team communicate with each other?
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Emails (Preferred)
  • Text Messaging (for informal messages such as “I’m going to be 20 minutes late for the team meeting this afternoon.”)
  • Phone calls as a last resort
How will the team make decisions?
  • Large decisions will be made based on expert’s opinion. However, consensus and majority rule will also be used to make decisions when necessary.
What are the expectations for integrity or responsibility with assigned tasks?
  • No plagiarism or cheating of any kind
  • Follow-out with assigned tasks
  • Each team member should set an internal deadline for their task(s) and inform the other team members of this deadline
  • If a team member is overwhelmed, it is expected of them to ask for help
  • Assigned tasks are expected to be completed in a timely manner. If a deadline has been set, it is important to meet this deadline as well as give the other team members enough time to review the completed work.
How will the team manage conflict or when these expectations are not met?
  • Discuss, understand, and solve the conflict as a group
  • Encourage members to speak up about concerns that they may have
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