P15010: Arc Wheelchair Swing

Problem Definition

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Proper Problem Definition is critical for all projects, especially those that have not yet been attempted. During this phase, the team combines knowledge gained from customer interviews, benchmarking exercises and researched to develop project requirements from the perspective of both the engineer and the customer. Understanding the project from multiple perspectives propels teams towards successful project planning and execution.

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Project Background

Many individuals in the local area are faced with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities requiring specialized programs or services to help them reach their full potential in our community. The Arc of Monroe County’s Day Service Program offers these individuals the opportunity to obtain valuable life tools and develop and irreplaceable type of groundwork geared towards patterns of independence, self-promoted life-long learning and continuous mental, social and emotional growth.

Below is a link to the Arc of Monroe Website which gives an in depth look at the services they offer the local community.

Arc of Monroe Website

Project Definition

Individuals that require certain types of sensory stimulation look to the Arc of Monroe County’s Day Service Program for assistance. More often than not, members of our community bound to a wheelchair are unable to experience types of mobility supporting a wide range of vestibular movement that those without wheelchairs can experience with ease.

This project focuses on the development and implementation of a mechanism that enables individuals constrained to a wheel chair to experience the motion of swinging without exiting their standard or powered wheelchairs. In addition, the system needs also have an easy switch to a basic platform swing for those who require more intense stimulation and are not in a wheelchair. The goal of this project is to integrate the needs of Arc’s Day Services program participants and volunteers into a safe product that can provide the motion of swinging both indoors and outdoors without exceeding a budget of $2,500. The expected result is an implemented, fully functional dual platform-wheelchair swing prototype that meets or exceeds requirements delivered to the customer no later than May 2015. Furthermore, the design will focus greatly on ensuring that future developments for the product can be done with ease if possible.

At the end of the project, the team will deliver a working prototype, a use and maintenance manual, an assembly manual, detailed drawings, test plans and well documented results, a bill of materials and a technical paper and poster.

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Use Scenario

Customer Requirements

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Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

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House of Quality

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