P15029: Air Muscle Underwater Fish Phase 2 - Buoyancy

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Roles

Member Role Major Contact
Sarah Bailey Project Manager Mechanical Engineering sxb7058@rit.edu
Chloe Bohlman Webmaster Electrical Engineering cab8880@rit.edu
Fred Cookhouse Mechanical Mechanical Engineering fjc8904@rit.edu
Mark Pitonyak Electrical Electrical Engineering mcp3579@rit.edu
Igor Drobnjak Systems Mechanical Engineering ixd8340@rit.edu
Brandon Micale Biomimetics Biomedical Engineering bnm2143@rit.edu

Additional descriptions can be viewed here

Team Values and Norms

The Team Values and Norms can be viewed here

MSDII Project Plan

The Project Plan for MSDII can be found here.

Risk Assessment

Above is a sample of our Risk Assessment showing our top 8 concerns.

The Complete Risk Assessment can be viewed here.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I Meetings MSD I Meetings
August 28, 2014 Meeting ~
September 2, 2014 Meeting ~
September 4, 2014 Meeting ~
September 9, 2014 Meeting ~
September 16, 2014 Meeting ~
September 18, 2014 Meeting ~

Project Reviews

MSD I Reviews
Project Definition Review Presentation
System Design Presentation
Detailed Design Presentation
Gate Review Presentation

Table of Contents MSD I

Problem Definition Systems Design Subsystems Design Detailed Design

Project Statement

Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements

House of Quality


Week 3 Review Presentation

Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart


Concept Development

Systems Architecture


Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

Electrical Subsystems

Buoyancy Subsystem

Tail Structure

Full Skeletal Structure

Air Muscles



Subsystems Design Review

Design Overview

Drawings and Models

Electronic Schematics

PCB Layouts

Signal Flow Charts

Testing and Prototyping

Risk Assessment

Bill of Materials


Design Review Presentations

Table of Contents MSD II

Week 5 Week 8 Week 11 Week 14

Ballast Tank Testing

Skin Color Testing

Tail Motion Testing


Waterproofing Pump

Composite Head

Electronics Prototype

Tail Motion Testing

Problem Tracking

Updated Project Plan


Communication System

Swimming Algorithm

Electronics Hardware

Air Muscles

Buoyancy System

Eco-Flex Skin

Problem Tracking

Schedule to Imagine


Performance vs Requirements

Imagine RIT

Final Videos

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