P15029: Air Muscle Underwater Fish Phase 2 - Buoyancy


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Ballast Tank Testing

The ballast tank was constructed (seen below) and two intitial tests were run with the ballast tank by itself: the ascent/descent rate test and the constant depth test.

Ballast Tank Tests
Ascend/Descent Rate Test Constant Depth Test
Test Plans S1 Test Plan S2 Test Plan
Test Videos Ascend/Descent Rate Testing Constant Depth Testing

Skin Color Testing

Testing was performed with food color and water and then verified with food color and eco-flex to determine an appropriate color skin for the fish.

Skin Color Test
S6 Test Plan

Tail Motion Testing

Full Tail Motion: This video shows the full motion of the tail motion while being actuated by the air muscles.

Half Tail Motion: This video shows the motion of the just the second tail segment while being actuated by the air muscles.


RF Transceiver Board

RF Transceiver Board
Bottom of Board Top of Board
RF Transceiver Schematic PDF RF Transceiver Gerber Files

Block Diagram

Waterproof Testing

Testing was performed to waterproof the batteries and a potentiometer by dipping them in Plasti Dip and then submerging them in water and checking functionality.

Waterproofing Tests
Battery Test Potentiometer Test
Test Plan and Video S16 Test Plan Testing Potentiometer in Water
Test Pictures



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Ballast Tank Testing

Skin Color Testing

Tail Motion Testing


Waterproofing Pump

Composite Head

Electronics Prototype

Tail Motion Testing

Problem Tracking

Updated Project Plan


Communication System

Swimming Algorithm

Electronics Hardware

Air Muscles

Buoyancy System

Eco-Flex Skin

Problem Tracking

Schedule to Imagine


Performance vs Requirements

Imagine RIT

Final Videos

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