P15043: Smart Cane Systems Integration


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There are an estimated 42,000 to 700,000 visually and hearing impaired individuals around the globe. Travel can be difficult and often times life threatening. The most common solutions to this are white canes and guide animals, however both of these have their drawbacks and limitations.

There has been a lot of research into more advanced "Smart Canes" which detect objects and provide feedback to the user. Often times these devices are bulky, heavy and fail to provide clear instructions to the user.

This project will focus on designing a white cane that warns and guides the user around obstacles with precise haptic feedback, which is going to be a continuation from P14043. The cane will also physically resemble a conventional cane and will operate intuitively for a blind-deaf user. This means it will still function by sweeping, tapping and "feeling" around the user, while sending feedback to the user. This system will allow the user to avoid incoming obstacles while still functioning as a normal cane.

At the end of the project schedule, the team will have a working prototype of the cane which will sense objects, interpret the data and send feedback to warn the user of where the object is.

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Smart Cane Systems Integration
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Charlie Tabb, ctabb@rochester.rr.com
Primary Customer
Patricia Iglesias, pxints@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Gary Behm, gwbnts@rit.edu
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Tom Oh, tom.oh@rit.edu
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Team Members

Nick, Justin, Christine, Kayla, Lindsay, Emeka

Nick, Justin, Christine, Kayla, Lindsay, Emeka

Member Major Contact Role
Emeka Akpaka Electrical Engineering eca6296@rit.edu Team Relations Lead
Kayla Cole Industrial Engineering kmc8094@rit.edu MSD I Project Lead
Lindsay Johnson Industrial Engineering lmj6204@rit.edu MSD II Project Lead
Justin LaMar Electrical Engineering jel2495@rit.edu Edge Coordinator
Christine Lochner Mechanical Engineering cal5757@rit.edu MSD I Tech Lead
Nick Stewart Mechanical Engineering ngs5607@rit.edu MSD II Tech Lead

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