P15043: Smart Cane Systems Integration

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

Along with risk management and mitigation comes the search for similar patents. It is over whelming how many patents are there that aid the visually impaired in navigating. Here are a few examples that are relevant to our project.

public/Photo Gallery/Patents/gary_behm_cane_andMan.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Patents/gary_behm_cane.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Patents/campbell.PNG public/Photo Gallery/Patents/campbell_handle.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Patents/mech_feedback.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/Patents/laser_guide.PNG

Team Roles

Member Role
Emeka Akpaka Team Relations Lead
Kayla Cole MSD I Project Lead
Lindsay Johnson MSD II Project Lead
Justin LaMar Edge Coordinator
Christine Lochner MSD I Tech Lead
Nicholas Stewart MSD II Tech Lead

Team Values and Norms

If any of these team values or norms are not met, the person will be addressed in a face-to-face manner to determine the punishment.

Project Plans & Schedules


To download the full subsystems design schedule click here.

Risk Assessment

To see our entire risk assessment download here.

Project Reviews

To view the full detailed design review power point downloaded it here

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