P15043: Smart Cane Systems Integration

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Project Summary

There are thousands of blind or visually impaired throughout the world that struggle with mobility whether it is a daily commute or traversing the living room. Through the years some solutions have surfaced and almost all of them have a draw back, some expensive, some difficult to use daily. Our team's drive is to help these people and create something that is cheap and intuitive to use on a daily basis. This is where the smart cane comes in as it features sensors on the cane to detect incoming objects and send feedback to the user. Thus allowing the user to avoid incoming obstacles.

Click here for to view the official problem statement.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Key Deliverable

Project Goals

Customer Requirements (Needs)

There are a few key customer requirements that are vital to this project. Being able to detect object in the front, right and left of the user while communicating directly to the user. Another is having adequate detection range from the user. The last important need is making sure that the cane is safe to user for the user and environment.

A view able document of all customer requirements can be seen here

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

All of these engineering requirements are taken and translated from the needs of our customer. They are tangible and can be tested through various methods.

Updated Engineering Requirements here

Older version here/download here

House of Quality

Download the house of quality here


The project constraints are as follows:

All of these constraints are measurable and testable. They have been extrapolated from our PRP and added onto our engineering requirements.

Peer Reviews

The project team individually applied the plus delta system to each team members contribution. The peer reviews were discussed at a team meeting collectively. Feedback was used to help our team grow as a whole.

Phase Review

Our phase one review documentation can be viewed here
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