P15043: Smart Cane Systems Integration

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

To view a full detailed function decomposition click here.


To view and download our full benchmark: click here

Concept Development

The first step we took in developing ideas was creating/populating a morphological table. This is shown below.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/morph_analysis_png.PNG

After that we created three different concepts from the table that we thought best suited our project.

Concept I: Roller In Handle

public/Systems Level Design Documents/roller_in_handle_jpeg.jpg

Concept II: Actuated Buttons In Handle

This concept is implemented by having one or several "button" like objects oscillating into the hand when the sensors detect an object.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/actuated_buttons_png.png

Concept III: Wrist Bands

This concept is taken off the handle and puts the feedback in bracelets that the user would wear. It includes two vibrational feedback and blue tooth in each wrist band.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/writebands_concept_jpeg.jpg

To view full the full concept improvement analyses click here

Systems Architecture

public/Systems Level Design Documents/system_arch_png.PNG

To download the full system architecture click here.


public/Systems Level Design Documents/feasibility_table_png.PNG

A more detailed feasibility was done in the Systems design review seen below.

Risk Assessment

To see our entire risk assessment download here.

Systems Design Review

To download our full documentation of the entire systems design section Download here/View here.

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