P15044: Intelligent Mobility Cane


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An Intelligent Mobility Cane, or “Smart Cane” is a cane for the visually impaired which assists the user in navigating their surroundings. These devices are able to detect both low overhanging objects that do not have a contact point at ground level, and objects that are directly in front of the user, and relay the information back to the user via tactile or auditory feedback.

The goal of this Multidisciplinary Senior Design project is to create a Smart Cane that will be lightweight, ergonomic, and most importantly, cost efficient. While there are many smart canes on the market, there are few that are at a comfortable price point (many higher end models cost upwards of $1000), and even fewer that are easy for the user to navigate with. By the end of this design cycle, our team will produce a fully-functioning prototype designed for an American male of average height (5"9') and the necessary engineering documents for eventual manufacturing of the product.

Smart Cane Example

Smart Cane Example

Project Name
Intelligent Mobility Cane
Project Number
Start Term
2141 – Fall 2014
End Term
2145 – Spring 2015
Faculty Guide
Gary Werth
Primary Customer
Patricia Iglesias
Project Readiness Project
P15044 Intelligent Mobility Cane

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Team Members

P15044, Intelligent Mobility Cane

P15044, Intelligent Mobility Cane

Member Discipline Role Contact
Allan Andranikian Mechanical Engineer Lead Project Engineer aaa5532@rit.edu
Marisa Ashour Electrical Engineer Customer Liasion / EDGE Control msa2984@rit.edu
Dan Chianucci Computer Engineer Microcontrollers/Firmware ddc1284@rit.edu
Andrew Greeley Mechanical Engineer Vibrational/Haptic Feedback amg2335@rit.edu
Justine Nichols Industrial Engineer Project Manager jln6283@rit.edu
Benjamin Stewart Electrical Engineer Sensors/Obstacle Detection bws7467@rit.edu

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