P15044: Intelligent Mobility Cane
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MSDII Phase 2 Review

Table of Contents

MSD II Phase 2 Summary


Team Budget with Phase 2 Updates

Updated Project Plan

Project Plan

Individual Team Member Plans

Individual Three Week Plans

Problem Tracking

Issue & Risk Management

Validation Matrix

Engineering Requirement Validation Matrix

Test Plans

Subdirectory for Subsystem Testing Plans

Test Results

Subdirectory for Subsystem Testing Results

Peer Reviews

Lessons Learned

Managerial Identifier
Persistently follow through with people when you need things. Allan
Don't plan things just off of past experience, factor in test equipment as well Ben
Do not be afraid to be more assertive when managing team Justine
Implementing a system after you have already started is very difficult Andrew
For common parts, buy multiple different kinds Ben
Double Check BoM and PCB schematic match before ordering Ben
Measure twice, cut/3D print once Allan
Use pre-made software libraries Dan

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