P15045: Motorized Pediatric Stander - Phase 3

Planning & Execution

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This page is used for the planning and execution of the project.

A full directory of files for this topic can be found in the Project Management directory.

Team Roles

Sarah Hill: Co-Team Lead, Industrial & Systems Engineer

Jonathon Greene: Co-Team Lead, Mechanical Engineer

Candice Matthews: Mechanical Engineer

Courtney Getman: Electrical Engineer

Christopher Wendel: Electrical Engineer

Peter Sevich: Lead Web Publisher, Computer Engineer

George Day: Computer Engineer

Team Values and Norms


Team members will attend all meetings on time. If an absence is required they will notify the team ahead of time.

Be efficient and accomplish all required tasks before and after meetings.

Distribution of Work

Be direct with everyone. If you are interested in a certain type of work, speak up. If you feel like others aren't pulling their weight, speak up.


Team leads will email Guide with questions or updates. Communication among team members will be done during class, scheduled meetings, and via email chain.


Decisions will be made by consensus and experts will be consulted if solution is unknown.

Conflict Management

Be honest. Have a mediator. Speak to each other one-on-one if you are having an issue, but make sure that the team is aware of the issue.

Imagine RIT Shared Vision

Imagine RIT Shared Vision

Imagine RIT Shared Vision

The full vision, including the Elevator Speech can be found here.

Reflection of MSD I & Journey to MSD II

The team reflected on what aspects of their MSD I journey went well and what could be improved.
Reflection of MSD I

Reflection of MSD I

The team also documented the tasks that need to be accomplished at the beginning of MSD II.

Action Items for MSD II

Action Items for MSD II

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD II Phase 5 Plan

MSD II Phase 5 Plan

The up to date project plan can be found here.

Plans for Week 14

Plans for Week 14

A full plan for the week 14 can be found here.

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking Form

Problem Tracking Form

The up to date and complete problem tracking information can be found here.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

All meeting minute documents can be found here.

Project Reviews

Problem Definition Review

Systems Design Review

Detailed Design Review

Final Design Review

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