P15045: Motorized Pediatric Stander - Phase 3

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

Motorized pediatric standers provide upright mobility opportunities for young people with certain types of disabilities. This device will allow the user to move and interact in a way that is more natural than a standard wheelchair, while also allowing the user to bear weight on their legs; a critical part of current physical therapy practices. This device currently exists but lacks key features such as remote control with an override feature for the physical therapist, smooth start and stop of motors, and accessible documentation for properly building and using the device safely. The motorized stander also lacks steering precision and its components are tightly packaged, making maintenance difficult.

The goals of this project are to improve ergonomics of the device, implement a remote control system and override, create features for smooth start and stop, provide freely accessible documentation, and ensure that the device has the ability to move appropriately. As a team, we will also explore modifications that will allow the device to be manufactured at a lower cost, with the possibility of using more off the shelf parts. The final design must be accessible to the user and family, as well as easily manufacturable, ultimately resulting in a repeatable and effective mobility solution for young people with disabilities.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The main focuses on this project are to

Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Screenshot of customer needs

Screenshot of customer needs

The up to date customer requirements spreadsheet can be found here.

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Screenshot of engineering requirements

Screenshot of engineering requirements

The up to date engineering requirements spreadsheet can be found here.

Assumptions and Constraints

The design team must make overall assumptions in the design of the pediatric stander attachments. First, we assume that the end user possesses some mobility in their arms. We are also assuming that the device will only be used indoors, mostly on hard floors. Constraints that our team currently face include having limited access to the prototype standers and being unable to obtain new standers due the ban imposed by the FDA.

More Information

The problem definition documents folder contains the most up to date documents relating to the definition of the project, including working drafts of the team members.

The project summary document is an overview of the initial state of the project. It is also available in Word document format.

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