P15045: Motorized Pediatric Stander - Phase 3

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If you are interested in modifying a stander or similar device, please contact us using the information to the right. Information about the purchase of the stander from Snug Seat is listed below. RIT does not sell the kits, but can direct to vendors. We are also generally interested in anyone that might be interested in modifying a stander if a complete kit were available.

Additionally, there are multiple pages on this public site to explore. The pages show the entire lifespan of the project to create this kit. Feel free to look around!

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Dr. Steven Day, Mechanical Engineering Department
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Completed Kit on a Size 1 Rabbit Stander

Completed Kit on a Size 1 Rabbit Stander

Additional pictures of the stander and kit can be found here.

Assembly Documents

All assembly documents can be found here. Links to step by step assembly videos can be found below.

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