P15080: Flow Culture System

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Project Summary

Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown outside of their natural environments under controlled conditions. Current culture techniques typically grow cells on two-dimensional plastic surfaces under static conditions. Cells in vivo do not live in these conditions, and thus studying cells in these conditions is not representative of physiological conditions. A flow culture system grows and sustains cultured cells in a dynamic environment by maintaining sterile and standard culture conditions. This tool provides a mechanism for constant fluid exchange that does not interfere with cell composition or device sterility. The device also provides a means to view the current state of the culture using microscopy.

The goal of this project is to design a system to be used in the Advanced Cell Culture class within the Biomedical Engineering Department at RIT that will allow students to analyze endothelial cells and their growth in flowing media. The MSD team is tasked with designing a flow culture system capable of maintaining sterile, standard culture conditions while media flows over the cultured cells. The expected result is a functional prototype that controls fluid flow and shear stresses of the media while maintaining CO2 concentrations, temperature, and humidity of the chamber to promote cell growth. This device should provide an appropriate surface onto which the cells can adhere and grow in desired areas. This culture must be able to be viewed with microscopes available currently in the department. The final product needs to be built out of non-cytotoxic, non-fluorescent materials, use a minimal volume of media, maintain sterility during media change, and be able to be sterilized by an autoclave between uses.

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Team Values and Norms

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Project Plans & Schedules

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Risk Assessment

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Peer Reviews

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Project Reviews

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