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Currently the RIT BAJA SAE team has a data acquisition system that collects various vehicle parameters, however it has multiple drawbacks. The system has failed to last the duration of an endurance race, which can last up to 4.5 hours, nor has it been able to gather all data accurately and consistently.

The goal of this project is to provide the customer with a fully functional data acquisition system that will capture, store, and retrieve BAJA performance and reliability parameters while being easily integrated into the chassis. The expected end state of this project is to provide the RIT BAJA team a packaged system that can survive the long endurance races as well as being a solid base that can be build upon in years to come. The system must reliably report speed data to the driver while periodically transmitting data to the engineers for real-time diagnostics.

***Proprietary Project***

All technical information for this project is proprietary and inquiries can be made to Derek Palmerton ( drp1413@rit.edu ) for the duration of the project and the BAJA Project Manager ( ProjectManager@ritbaja.edu ) after May 2015.

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Project Name
RIT Baja SAE Data Acquisition System
Project Number
Project Family
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Start Term
Fall 2014-15
End Term
Spring 2015
Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
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Team Members

public/group photo

public/group photo

Member Role Contact
Derek Palmerton EE drp1413@rit.edu
Jeffrey Parlette ME jap9688@rit.edu
Westin Bentz EE wrb6725@rit.edu
John Hatakeyama EE jxh7530@rit.edu
Alan Speed EE axs5285@rit.edu

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