P15221: Baja SAE DAQ

Team Values and Norms

Peer Evaluation Forms

Several sample peer assessment forms are provided for you. Your team should adapt these to best fit your needs.

Team Values

What are your expectations for team behavior?

Professional, Respectable, Open to Contributions

How will you ensure balanced distribution of work?

Project Leader, Design/Technical Leader, Secretary

How will you determine roles and responsibilities?

see above roles, Project Leader Delegates rolls

How will you honor the strengths of the individuals?

Give them roles which they excel

How will you interact with your Guide?

Email, office hours, class time

How will you communicate with each other?

Talking, group meeting, email, Google Groups

How will you make decisions?

Expert > Design Lead > Consensus This is not a rigid rule or structure.

What are the expectation for integrity or responsibility with assigned tasks?

Do tasks on time; if help is needed, then request it.

How will you manage conflict or when these expectations are NOT met?

Project Leader plays mediator; if a solution is not met then it escalates to Guide (Slack)