P15230: Quadcopter

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

The functional decomposition of the project derived is linked below:
Functional Decomposition


The following links are the benchmarks made during this design phase.

Concept Development

Concept Generation
The concept generation brainstorming of the team is captured in the Morph Chart linked below:
Morph Table [update 12/09]

Concept Selection
The 3 concepts selected from Morph analysis are detailed in the link below:
Selected Concepts (from morph)

The 3 concepts selected are compared with the previous implementation of the project in the Pugh Analysis linked below:
Pugh Chart Analysis of Selected Concepts

The images following are conceptual sketches drawn from the 3 concepts selected, and well as the revisions from analyzing those concepts.

Concept Sketches

Systems Architecture

Below is the finalized system breakdown with the key chosen components labeled.
 Updated System Architecture

Updated System Architecture


Featured Feasibility Analysis

Risk Assessment

Updated from problem definition phase. Risk Management

Systems Design Review

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