P15241: Autonomous People Mover - Remote Control


Project Summary Project Information

In order to increase roadway safety autonomous vehicles are under development and are the focus of many research projects. The Rochester Institute of Technology wishes to have a re-entry point to the field of autonomous vehicle research and currently does not have a vehicle to use as a starting point. To facilitate RIT’s goal a remote control golf cart was determined to be the first stepping stone.

The scope of this project includes converting a golf cart to a remote control vehicle. The safety of the vehicle’s passengers and bystanders is of the utmost concern. Therefore the vehicle is required to be low speed and contain the ability for passengers to take control.

For more detail, read the Project Readiness Package.

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Project Name
Autonomous People Mover - Remote Control
Project Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technology Track
2141 - 2145
Faculty Guide
Rick Lux
Primary Customer
Ray Ptucha
Sponsor (financial support)
Lou Beato / Kodak Alaris
Esther Betancourt / Harris
Roger / Nuttall Golf Car
Evan Lumby / Maval Gear
Mark Smith / MSD
Other Support
Wayne Walter
Adriana Becker-Gomez
Team Members

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Name Primary Role Secondary Role Major
Nick Bovee Steering System Webmaster ME
Patrick Gelose Wireless System EE Lead EE
Katie Knowles Project Lead --- EE
Duc Le Systems Integration --- ME
Keith Martin Brake System Hole Driller ME
Mollie Pressman ME Lead Hole Driller ME
Jonathan Zimmermann Power System Das Connector EE
Table of Contents
Problem Definition Systems Design Mechanical Design Electrical Design
Problem Definition Functional Decomposition Steering Controls
One Page Summary Concept & Benchmarking Braking Power
Team Values and Norms Feasibility & Architecture Other Other
Problem Definition Systems Design Detailed Design Complete Design
Tracking Construction Documentation
Schedule Test Results Final Presentation
Master BOM Mechanical Modifications Manual
Budget Electrical Modifications Paper
Changelog Code Poster