P15241: Autonomous People Mover - Remote Control

Team Values and Norms

Table of Contents

Expectations for Team Behavior

Group members will work with mutual respect and politeness. Members will respond within 12 hours on emails requiring information and arrive no later than 5 minutes to meetings. If a member will be later than 5 minutes, the group will be notified.

Ensuring Balanced Work Distribution

Group members will be open and truthful about their workloads, and bring up any trouble they have with their work so problems can be resolved quickly. If issues continue or require escalation, they will go to the group mediator and if necessary, the group guide.

Roles & Responsibilities

Group members will volunteer themselves for roles which play to their strengths, and take on work to make sure an equal work distribution is kept. See bottom of list for current roles.

Honoring Individual Strengths

Group members’ individual expertise will be trusted based on their knowledge in given areas. Members will be acknowledged for the work they have done, and work will be distributed based on strengths.

Guide Interactions

Group members will communicate with the guide through open discussions and seeking feedback. When the guide emails, all group members will be copied and member responses will use “reply all” to make sure group members know who has responded to the guide.

Group Communication

Group members will use email for business discussions and texts for quick questions or urgent matters. When previously undiscussed work or urgent matters occur, an email response acknowledging receiving the email will be given.

Decision Making

Group members will make decisions based on mutual agreement to support the decision. That is to say, all group members are ok moving forward with an idea regardless of whether it was their top choice or not.

Integrity and Responsibility

Group members will complete their work to create a solution that works well and meets the project requirements. Members will not plagiarize any work they contribute to the project.

Conflict Management

When conflict occurs, group members will bring issues forward to the group mediator, group leader, and if necessary group guide. Problems will be addressed quickly with openness and responsibility.