P15242: Autonomous People Mover Phase II

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Roles

Member Major Role Contact
Nathan Biviano Industrial & Systems Engineer Project Manager E-mail
Madeleine Daigneau Computer Engineer Software Design & Hierarchy E-mail
James Danko Electrical Engineer Sensor Integration E-mail
Connor Goss Computer Engineer Microcontroller Integration E-mail
Austin Hintz Electrical Engineer Camera & Sensor Integration E-mail
Sam Kuhr Electrical Engineer Power Systems Management E-mail
Benjamin Tarloff Mechanical Engineer (Automotive Focus) Engineering Lead E-mail

Team Values and Norms

Please see the Team Values and Norms.

Project Plans & Schedules

Project plans are updated and edited frequently.

MSD 1 Project Plan

MSD 2 Project Plan

Risk Assessment

Current Risk Assessment

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD 2 Responsibilities

MSD 2 Updated Responsibilities

Peer Reviews

Project Reviews

Problem Definition Presentation

System Level Design Presentation

Sub-Systems Design Presentation

Detailed Design Part 1 Presentation

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