P15252: Underwater Laser Communication


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Underwater laser communication is one solution for secure, reliable, and high speed underwater communication. Currently, Boeing uses strictly acoustic transmissions to communicate with their unmanned, underwater vehicle. While this is reliable, the data transfer rate is slow. Using the current housing that was developed for acoustic transmission, an optical transmission device must be developed. Using a high powered laser to transmit data will greatly improve the data transfer rate from the acoustics.

The goals of this project are to research and apply knowledge in order to produce a proof of concept of underwater laser communication which will supply both fast and secure data transfer rates in both the long and short ranges. In addition, the concept must be easy to implement and maintain while still falling within the proposed price budget.

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Project Name
Underwater Laser Communication
Project Number
Project Family
Underwater Communications
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Leo Farnand, lfarnan1@rochester.rr.com
Primary Customer
Kathleen Kennard, kaleme@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Kevin Meredith, kevin.i.meredith@boeing.com

Team Members

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public/Photo Gallery/group_photo.JPG

Member Role Contact
Tyler Montesi Computer Engineer - Web Liaison tdm5923@rit.edu
Frank Mekker EE fmm6295@rit.edu
Ethan Lavine Mechanical Engineer - Team Leader ecl1980@rit.edu
Patrick Shuman Computer Engineer - Scribe pds9735@rit.edu
Tariq Hashimi EE ecl1980@rit.edu

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