P15252: Underwater Laser Communication

Planning & Execution

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Your website should document your journey through MSD, so include work-in-progress as well as latest results. Use pdf's for display whenever possible so that information is easily viewable without the need to download files and open applications. (Your EDGE file repository should still contain original editable files).

Sample categories are listed below, but feel free to delete, change, or add nodes and files to better correspond to your project and your Guide’s expectations.

You may want to consider putting content related to this node in the Project Management directory. Several templates have been posted there for your reference.

Intellectual Property Considerations

Is your team considering filing for a provisional or non-provisional patent? Does your project's financial support carry any IP requirements? Are there select elements of your project that your customer has required that you keep confidential?

Team Roles

Has the team arrived at consensus on a team leader? Who will handle the other important non-design functions, such as facilitator, purchasing, EDGE help, customer POC, etc?

Ethan Lavine-Team Leader

Tyler Montesi-Web Liaison

Patrick Shuman-Scribe

Tariq Hashimi-Facilitator

Frank Mekker-Systems

Team Values and Norms

Created in MSD I, updated in MSD II or as needed. Refer to Team Values and Norms page, as well. Has the team identified a means to address issues and conflicts, as well as an escalation process?

It is expectation of the team that each member shall be punctual, prepared, involved and open-minded. The team members shall operate with respect for other team-members, other students, guides and faculty when in discussions related to the project. The work is expected to be distributed evenly and if one has too little or to much work they are expected to voice their opinions. The team is expected to communicate through email and the what sup app responding promptly to the later. The team will communicate with the guide through the email contact given. Decisions will be made by consensus weighing heavily on the input of the experts in the domain of the problem area. Any time there is conflict or these expectations are not met the group will address the problem with verbal communication so it does not fester.

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I & II: work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, schedule, etc. Does each team member know what he should be working on at any given time in order to move the project forward?

Risk Assessment

Created in MSD I and updated throughout the project as needed. What could possibly go wrong? As the project progresses, are you actively managing these risks and (hopefully) driving them to low likelihood and/or low severity?

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Peer Reviews

These should be conducted after each 3-week phase, in both MSD I & II. Are you using your peer reviews as an objective tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team and all its members?

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Project Review page, as well.

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