P15261: Electric Superbike Off-Board Charger


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The RIT Electric Vehicle Team is a student run organization dedicated to promoting the viability of electric vehicles through real world demonstrations of electric drivetrains in action. The team aims to educate people on the principles of electric vehicle design by engaging students in challenging and rewarding projects that cover a wide variety of academic disciplines. The team’s main project is to design, build, and race a high performance electric motorcycle for competition in the 2015 eMotoRacing all-electric race series. The current bike is based off of the frame from a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6RR, and utilizes one Zero Z-Force 75-7 motor paired with a Sevcon Size6 controller.

In house engineering includes the design and fabrication of a battery management system, battery containment modules, structural framing for the mounting of the powertrain, as well as advanced data collection and analysis software. Based on this, the team is currently in need of a high powered charger that can charge the bike's battery pack in a reasonable amount of time.

The R.I.T. Electric Vehicle Team proposes a portable off-board charger for an electric super bike. In order to compete in the E-Moto Racing series, the team requires an efficient and reliable method of charging the bike's 6 Kwh battery pack. Unlike traditional battery chargers, the superbikes charger must conform to the J-1772 electric vehicle charging and safety standards.

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Project Name
Electric Superbike Off-Board Charger
Project Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technology Track
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Josh Jones, jmj7009@rit.edu

Team Members

Team Members outside the EVT lab

Team Members outside the EVT lab

Member Role Contact
Brian Hebbard Mechanical Engineer bmh5207@rit.edu
Joseph Droleskey Electrical Engineer jjd5233@rit.edu
Christopher Liess Electrical Engineer cjl6069@rit.edu
Tucker Graydon Electrical Engineer tbg8514@rit.edu

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