P15261: Electric Superbike Off-Board Charger

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

The remaining planning documents are located in the Project Management directory.

Intellectual Property Considerations

Our project is not considering filing for a patent, we do not have any IP requirements, and there is no part of our project that must be kept confidential.

Team Roles

Brian Hebbard: Project Manager, Lead Mechanical Engineer
Tucker Graydon: Lead Software and PCB Developer
Joe Droleskey: DC-DC System Leader
Chris Liess: AC-DC System Leader

Team Values and Norms

Created in MSD I, updated in MSD II or as needed. Refer to Team Values and Norms page, as well. Has the team identified a means to address issues and conflicts, as well as an escalation process?

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I & II: work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, schedule, etc. Does each team member know what he should be working on at any given time in order to move the project forward?

Risk Assessment


Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Peer Reviews

These should be conducted after each 3-week phase, in both MSD I & II. Are you using your peer reviews as an objective tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the team and all its members?

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Project Review page, as well.

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