P15280: Hot Wheelz Test Bench


Table of Contents


This page contains links to important final documentation of our project. Feel free to look around for more information!

Powertrain Test Bench User Manual

For a copy of the overall user manual for the test bench, please click the link below.

Test Bench User Manual

Future Recommendations

Mechanical Suggestions

Electrical Suggestions

Final Poster

For a copy of the project poster, please click the link below.

Printed Poster for the Project

Final Paper

For a copy of the project technical paper, please click the link below.

Published Technical Paper

Final Presentation

For a copy of the final presentation, please click the link below.

P15280 Final Presentation

Electrical Hardware Documentation

For the zip file of the electrical hardware system, please click the link below. The file contains a list of wires, the electrical wiring system diagram, and the PCB schematic.

Electrical Hardware Documentation

Final Code & GUI Files

For Files pertaining to the Final Code and GUI , please click the link below.

GUI and Final Code Files

CAD Models

Below are links to the CAD files for the major mechanical components

Chain Tensioner CAD Files

Dynamometer Sprocket CAD Files

Motor Mount CAD Files

Powertrain Cart CAD Files

Gate Review: Final Minutes

i) The project was handed to the customer in working condition and adhered to all but two customer requirements that were discarded due to changes from the customer during the project. The project was completed over $500 under budget. The customer was satisfied overall when they saw the operational system at the customer demo. Due to issues with the GUI access, the customer currently can not use the system at all. They will fully satisfied when that issue has been resolved.

ii) Based on the timeline in the beginning of MSD II to the end, the project followed a fairly predictable path. There were some places we got off schedule like when Eric had to re-design the idler or when Vlad was struggling with the GUI but overall we allotted the time properly to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

iii) Our team struggled to fully use the problem tracker. We felt that if the problem tracker was presented to us earlier in the course it would have been more effective, it was not effective after we had already encountered and were dealing with the issues. This hurt us because we didn't follow a set problem solving process.

Additional Comments: