P15280: Hot Wheelz Test Bench

Planning & Execution

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Team Values and Norms

Our team has created a set of values and norms that will be utilized in the case of team conflict. These values and norms outline the various levels of contribution as a method to assess the other team members during peer reviews. Visit our Team Values and Norms page to view our team expectations.

Project Plans & Schedules

The Project Plan is currently under construction as new roles, responsibilities and tasks are being assigned during the projects transition to focus on integration with the KGCOE Dyno.

Risk Assessment

Our team has identified possible risks that need to be accounted for in the design, build and use of the test bench. We have given each risk a different level of importance so that we know what to focus our efforts on in order to avoid to minimize error and accidents throughout the process. Click here to view our most current list of potential risks.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Click here to view team minutes and team notes.

Peer Reviews

Every three weeks team P15280 has the opportunity to review each other. Through peer review the team can identify if they are working well together, if some team members are contributing more or if there is a team conflict. Visit Team Values and Norms page to view our team standards.

Project Reviews

As our team progresses through senior design, every phase of the experience we will be presenting on our progress, challenges and outcomes. View our phase presentations below:


Phase 1: Problem Definition Review Presentation

Phase 2: Systems Design Review Presentation

Phase 3: Sub-System Design Review Presentation

Phase 4: Detailed Design Presentation

Phase 5: MSD I Gate Review Presentation

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