P15310: SATCOM on the Move

Problem Definition

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This page contains all of the information for our Problem Definition phase of MSD I. This phase is concerned with creating requirements and analyzing customer needs in order to build towards a solution.

Project Summary

The first part of problem definition is receiving a description of the problem. Spectracom was able to complete a "Project Readiness Package" (listed below), in which our initial project definitions were provided.

Once the initial project definitions were determined, it was possible to generate an overall viewing of the stakeholders of the project. The Stakeholder's Flow Chart, shown below, describes how our student design team, P15310 fits into the RIT MSD experience.

 Stakeholders Diagram

Stakeholders Diagram

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Once the customer requirements were developed, it was possible to determine or specify a set of engineering requirements to fulfill the customer requirements.

 Engineering Requirements Process

Engineering Requirements Process

The engineering requirements contain units of measurements that explicitly state our targeted numbers for level of accuracy going forward with the project.
 Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

Access to raw file:

Throughout the duration of the project, it was discovered that several of the Engineering Requirements were incorrect or unnecessary to fulfill the customer requirements. For example, it was not necessary to test for the accuracy of the Geo-PNT itself. The team did not have the means to verify to the accuracy of the Geo-PNT so it was assumed that the Geo-PNT accuracies agree with the data sheet provided.

 Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

House of Quality

A "House of Quality" was created to trace each Engineering Requirement back to the Customer Requirements. Doing so ensures that all Customer Requirements are met and that there are no unnecessary Engineering Requirements. Our preliminary House of Quality is linked below:

The teams updated House of Quality (with the updated Engineering Requirements is linked below:

Design Review

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