P15310: SATCOM on the Move
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1-31-15.docx display
10-2-14 Spectracom Meeting, Geo-PNT acquired.docx display
10-23-14 Subsystem Design Preliminary Review.docx display
10-30-14 Spectracom Visit.docx display
10-31-14 Meeting with Steve, Motor Expert.pdf display
11-16-14 Review prep.docx display
11-20-14 Mount, BOM.docx display
11-9-14 Test Plan, HOQ, Control Calc.docx display
12-11-14 Final Semester Meeting.docx display
12-2-14 Spectracom Meeting, BOM, Cables, Purchases.docx display
12-4-14 Finalizing BOM, RAIL overview.docx display
12-9-14 Post DDR Meeting with customers.docx display
2-4-15 Initial MSDII Conference Call w Spectracom.docx display
3-4-15.docx display
5-18-15 Final Meeting.docx display
9-16-14 - meeting notes.docx display
9-17-14 Functional Decomposition.docx display
9-18-14 Spectracom Meeting.docx display
9-2-14 CN, Code of Ethics, Meeting Times.docx display
9-25-14 Functional Decomposition, Morph, Pugh.docx display
9-26-14 System Design Presentation.docx display
9-4-14 Interview with John Fischer.docx display
9-7-14 HOQ, Mock Problem Def Presentation, Schedule.docx display
9-9-14 Problem Definition Presentation, NDA, Peer Reviews.docx display