P15311: PCB Router

Detailed Design

Table of Contents


Hard Stop Switch Choices

Homing Sensor Research

Monitor Mounts

Replacement Camera

Sound Dampening Foam


Vacuum Pumps Comparison

Vacuum Switch

Vacuum Debris and Table System Components

Vacuum Table Discussion with Prof Wellin

Vacuum Comparison

P14311 Vacuum Analysis

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations


User Walkthrough

Electrical Schematics

Auto-Home Sensors

CNY74-4H Optocoupler

I-O Board 1

I-O Board 2

I-O Board 3

Limit Switches and Relays

Router Control Box

Single Auto Home Sensor

Single Limit Switch

UC300 1

UC300 2

User Panel Wiring

Power Schematics

Over Travel Limit Switches

Photointerrupt Switches

Spindle Motor and Driver/Controls

Assembly Drawings

Keyboard Monitor Assembly

Mount Assembly

PCB Isolation Routing System Assembly

UI Panel Assembly

Vac Table

Part Drawings

D018 Sacrificial Material

Photo Micro-Sensor Mount

Boroscope Mount

D016 Vacuum Hose Connector/Reducer

D019 Keyboard Mount Concept

D020 Vacuum Table Top

D023 Vacuum Inlet Tube Drawing

D025 Metric Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw

D027 Vacuum Inlet Mount

D022 Vac Inlet Tube Mount

D029 Spindle Motor

D031 Spindle Mount Block

D024 Mounting Post

D023 Switch Panel

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill of Materials

Test Plans

Updated Test Tracking Sheet

Test Plans Workbook

Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment

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