P15311: PCB Router

Sub-System Design

Table of Contents

Phase Planning

The purpose of this phase was to define critical sub-systems and to begin preliminary testing to answer key technical questions and issues.

Our current defined sub-systems are as follows:

1. Auto-Homing and Over-travel

2. Debris Collection

3. Vacuum Table

4. Safety and User Experience

From these sub-systems we further broke it down into components. Using this breakdown, Customer Requirements, and Engineering Requirements we defined key problem areas and issues that required testing.

Sub-System Breakdown

Week 9 Tasks

Test Tracking

A Test Tracking Worksheet was developed to help manage past, present, and planned tests. Currently two tests have been conducted and further testing is planned for later phases.

Conducted Tests

Vacuum System Flow Loss Test

Noise Level Test

Schematics, Layouts and CAD files

Vacuum Table Layout and Logic

Vacuum System Redesign

System Physical Switches Concept

Keyboard Mount

Debris Vacuum Layout and Logic

Homing and Overtravel Switch Layout

User Experience Flowchart



 Spindle Electrical Schematic

Sub-Systems Review

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