P15318: Gaseous Mass Flow Rate Controller

Systems Design

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Functional Decomposition

The Gaseous Mass Flow Rate Controller was broken down into high level functions that are necessary for it to operate successfully. These include receiving the fuel, regulating the fuel and delivering the fuel, all while ensuring safety to the device and user. These high level functions were then broken down in several sub-functions.

The most up to date version of the functional decomposition can be found here.


There were no previous MSD teams working on this project. There are also currently no devices that operate in the same manner of our proposed device, but benchmarking of other CNG fuel delivery systems was done:

Bosch Bifuel CNG-Systems


Ford F-150 with Bi-fuel CNG/LPG Engine Package


Cummins Dual Fuel Engines


Morphological Chart

After completing our functional decomposition, we took a look at all of the lowest level functions that have potential for brainstorming. The list of these functions, as well as possible solutions, were then put together in a morphological chart as follows:


From the morphological chart, four concepts were generated. The first concept is the current prototype and the second concept is the current prototype with the necessary modifications to fulfill the customer requirements. The third concept is what the team thinks would be a cost effective solution and the fourth concept is what the team thinks would be a high-tech, but somewhat implausible solution.

Pugh Analysis

The four selected concepts were evaluated by a Pugh analysis. The team came up with a list of selection criteria that would help distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each concept with respect to a datum. The datum was rotated through each concept to ensure that once concept was the clear winner.

Systems Architecture

The most up to date version of the systems architecture can be found here.

Systems Level Design Review

Systems Level Design Review Presentation

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