P15342: Linear RF Measurement System

Build, Test, Document

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The information shown below represents the major things we have accomplished and/or have been working on up to this stage of the project.

All related documents can be found in this Build, Test, Plan directory.

However, all files that are needed for this stage of the review process are found below in either pdf or picture form.

Build, Test, and Integrate - "Intro" Review

The following documents were used for our "Intro" review in MSD II:

Additional notes about the "Intro" review:

Test Plans & Test Results

First Subsystems Demo Results

The only file that needed to be updated for this stage of the review was: Problem Rating & Tracking REV2

Final Subsystems Demo Results

All engineering requirements have been met:

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Requirements

As well as all customer requirements: Customer Requirements
1. System is easy to operate
2. Redesign current fixture
3. Update relevant technologies
4. Match performance of current system
5. Eliminate mechanical reliability issues of motor
6. Automated system measurements using MATLAB
7. Validated Network Analyzer measurements using theoretical predicted results
8. System capable of plotting expected theoretical characteristics of wave reflection and transmission
9. Durable
10. Easily accessible components
11. User's manual
12. Design for manufacturability

Assembly Instructions

P15342 Manufacturing Plan

Slotted Line Cleaning Procedure

Final Schematic

MSD II Final Wiring Diagram

Measurement System Drawing

Final BOM (Bill Of Materials)

User's Manual

User's Manual

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