P15342: Linear RF Measurement System

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

The course EEEE-374 EM Fields lab utilizes an RF measurement system located in the ETA lab. The present system was designed and constructed in 1997 and has been working successfully since then, however, several of the six sets are showing signs of aging. The goal is to design and build a new measurement system that is more compact, is automated through the use of MATLAB and to then validate the Network Analyzer measurement for four different types of measurements. The resulting system should run at 100% reliability and be easy for the user to operate. A user guide for operation must also be included in the final package.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Upon completion of the course, the customer will receive a fully functioning prototype of the revamped Linear RF Measurement System hardware and accompanying MATLAB GUI. Additionally, the package will include a step-by-step user's manual.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements
1. System is easy to operate
2. Redesign current fixture
3. Update relevant technologies
4. Match performance of current system
5. Eliminate mechanical reliability issues of motor
6. Automated system measurements using MATLAB
7. Validated Network Analyzer measurements using theoretical predicted results
8. System capable of plotting expected theoretical characteristics of wave reflection and transmission
9. Durable
10. Easily accessible components
11. User's manual
12. Design for manufacturability

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Engineering Requirements


Post Problem Definition Review Notes

Post Problem Definition Review Notes

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