P15416: Lightweight Concrete Arborloo

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

An arborloo is a moveable pit latrine that composts human feces into organic fertilizer to provide nutrients for a fruit-bearing tree. It consists of a pit underneath a base, and within a housing structure; it is relatively cheap and easy to install in the earth, allowing a safe and dignified place to defecate, which in turn should help halt the spread of pathogens present in human feces. The base, housing, and other facets of the device should be portable and light enough to be transferred between pits. Previous senior design projects have developed an arborloo that was low cost and lightweight; it is unfortunately still too heavy to reasonably carry between market and home, not tested for all loads, possible to chip, and could be an aesthetic problem.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements

public/Photo Gallery/Customer Requirements.png
Customer Requirements

A transcript of the first interview with the customers Interview Notes

Engineering Requirements

public/Photo Gallery/Engineering Requirements.png
Engineering Requirements


Must be able to be made using local materials and with local processes

Lightweight for transport to site (by donkey or human walking)

Lightweight to move between pits (assembled)

Inexpensive to purchase, maintain, repair

Allows financing in parts

Utilizes ringbeam or something similar to prevent runoff entering pit

Resist environmental damage (weather, pests, use)

Aesthetically pleasing

Reduces lifecycle environmental costs

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