P15418: Manual Power for B9 Better Water Maker

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The long term goal of this project is to improve B9 Plastic’s Better Water Maker. The Better Water Maker works by reducing the number of dangerous waterborne microbes via the use of a UV bulb. The main focus of the project is to redesign the power generation with a secondary focus on the water filtration system. Two different designs have been tried in the past, one which utilized a hand crank flywheel as a method of mechanical power generation. The second design improved upon the first and used a recumbent foot pedal instead of the hand crank as well as using a French press style filter to improve the turbidity of the water. The major goal is to design the power system so that it generates the required power with less human effort as well as keeping the cost of the whole system to $100/unit. The secondary goal is to redesign the filter in order to improve the turbidity of the water. The current UV treatment process must not be altered.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables



Expected Project Benefits:

Customer Requirements

Customer Req Importance Description Units Target Goal Engineering Requirements Satisfied
CR1 9 Provides adequate power for effective water treatment Watts 17 ER2
CR2 9 Does not alter components for water treatment Yes/no No
CR3 9 Protects itself and components from damage Watts < or = 17 Watts ER2
CR4 9 Requires less exertion than the current hand crank Calories/Gallon TBD ER7
CR5 9 Comfortable for women and children Calories/Gallon TBD ER7
CR6 9 Safe to use Yes/No Yes ER12
CR7 3 Adjustable to fit women, men and children Yes/No Yes ER7
CR8 3 Takes advantage of existing activities Yes/No Yes
CR9 9 Can be used individually Calories/Gallon TBD ER7
CR10 9 Inexpensive USD < $200 sys ER1
CR11 9 Power system is intuitive # of steps < 20 ER13
CR12 9 Power system is easy to install Minutes < 10 ER5, ER4, ER8
CR13 9 Power system is easy to maintain # of replaceable parts < 5 ER4
CR14 9 Power system operation can be explained easily Yes/No Yes ER4, ER13
CR15 9 Power system resists damage from environmental hazards Pass/Fail Pass
CR16 9 Power system has a long life Gallons Treated TBD ER9
CR17 9 Power system provides enough power to get required amount of water GPM 0.5 ER6
CR18 3 Durable Years 2 ER11
CR19 9 Filter water to allow UV light to treat all water NTU < 5 ER10
CR20 9 Has to be cost effective USD < $100 sys ER1
CR21 9 Water flows through filter GPM 0.5 ER6

Engineering Requirements

Engineering Req Importance Description Units Target Goal Predicted Value
ER1 9 Cost USD < $200 $199
ER2 9 Power Generated V/W 12V/17W 12V/17W
ER3 1 Shipping size ft^3 TBD 5
ER4 3 Average (of 10) training time for a college student in good academic standing min <120 120
ER5 3 Average (of 10) installation time for an able bodied college student (between 100-200 lbs and 5’-6’) min < 120 120
ER6 9 Flow Rate GPM 0.5 0.5
ER7 9 Average (of 10) Effort Required for an able bodied college student (between 100-200 lbs and 5’-6’) Calories/Gallon TBD 100
ER8 9 Average (of 10) Group of installers required for an able bodied college student (between 100-200 lbs and 5’-6’) Number of People 1 2
ER9 9 Unit Life Gallons Filtered 2 yr 2 yr (limited by lamp)
ER10 9 Safety Meets CPSC for Consumer Electronics Yes Yes
ER11 9 Manual with pictures Yes/No Yes Yes
ER12 9 Electrical Protection Volts and Amps Functional after 20V and 5A surge Functional after 20V and 5A surge

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