P15418: Manual Power for B9 Better Water Maker

Systems Design

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Functional Decomposition


Several sources were found that explicitly identified treadle specifications. There are many common uses of a treadle powering a mechanical system, in place of an engine or motor.

Typical power output of a reasonably fit person between the ages of 20 and 40 was claimed to 75 watts. Considered the ideal case, we expect to obtain lower power output with the minimum being greater than the 17 watts to power the current pump and UV bulb.

Concept Development

Morph Chart "A morphological chart is a table based on the function analysis. On the left side of the chart the functions are listed, while on the right side, different mechanisms which can be used to perform the functions listed are drawn. It is a visual aid used to come up with different ideas. The idea generation is accomplished by creating single systems from different mechanisms illustrated in the morphological chart. It is advised to generate several feasible designs using different mechanisms for each function for each concept." Ref: http://www.eng.fsu.edu/~haik/design/idea_generation.htm

Pugh Chart - Power Generation, Hand Crank as Datum

Here we compared the current power generation system, the hand crank, to various concepts that were chosen from a larger list. The hand crank in this case was the datum.

Pugh Chart - Power Generation, Photovoltaic Cell as Datum

The datum in this Pugh chart was altered to the the Photovoltaic Cell.

Pugh Chart - Pre Filter, Flour Cloth as Datum

This Pugh Analysis was that of filter selection. We considered, again, the current method, a flour cloth, as our datum.

Pugh Chart - Pre Filter, French Press as Datum

In the next instance, we considered the best option found in first Pugh chart, the French Press. The French Press was found to be equal with the flour cloth; however, when the French Press was selected as the datum, it was clear that the current method, the flour cloth, was the best choice.

"The Pugh Matrix (PM) is a type of Matrix Diagram that allows for the comparison of a number of design candidates leading ultimately to which best meets a set of criteria. It also permits a degree of qualitative optimization of the alternative concepts through the generation of hybrid candidates." Ref: http://www.burgehugheswalsh.co.uk/uploaded/documents/Pugh-Matrix-v1.1.pdf

System Architecture: Treadle [Concept Option 1]

See below. This a basic architecture of the system, outlining many of the steps and processes of the entire procedure. In this case, the treadle is powering the pump and the UV bulb in order to kill harmful biological contaminants to make "better" water. Energy transfer from component to component is lined in blue, while the mass or material transfer is lined in orange.

System Architecture: Treadle

System Architecture: Treadle

System Architecture: Solar [Concept Option 2]

See below. The key difference here is that the power generation for the pump and UV bulb comes from a solar array. The color key is the same.

System Architecture: Solar

System Architecture: Solar


For example, basic engineering analysis or simulation, mockups, and benchmarking results that demonstrate that your proposed design is realistic. Are you violating the laws of physics? Can it be manufactured? Are you on track to satisfy requirements?

Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

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Presentation Remarks and Comments

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