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Detailed Design

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We are currently working on defining our subsystems and are moving towards determining our final design. We are in the middle of our detailed design process and will be updating this site as we continue on our journey. After reviewing our current progress with our customer, we will be able to better the direction we will be moving in the future.

Our Subsystem Design Presentation for week 9:


Our Detailed Design Presentation for week 12:


Detailed System Design

We will be using a Berkley filter to filter the water for the plants.

We have decided to use HID lights.

We performed a temperature experiment in order to see the possible temperature the plants would grow at in the room we are designing for without any temperature regulation.

CAD Drawings

Version 1

Version 6

We made many changes and updates from version 1 to version 6. Some of the major changes that were made were:

After meeting with the customer, there was an interest in designing an attachment to the system that can hold the lights.

The light structure attachment allows for easy attachment to system, and an adjustable height for the lights, through the use of linear bearings and handbrakes.

Detailed Drawing File will be posted shortly.

Bill of Material

Light Structure Attachment Cost Analysis

The Bill of Materials will continue to be updated as we make changes to the design.

We will give our Bill of Materials and design to our customer if she would like to replicate our design in the future. We will be using the RIT machine shop and will not need to pay for the time to use it. We do not believe that this will move to large scale production and have not accounted for that. With your guide, consider whether/how to distinguish between your team's build and what would be required for someone else to replicate the design. Currently we are under budged and were told we could get additional funding as needed.

Test Plans

We preformed heat transfer and stress analysis on our model.

Published results will be posted shortly.

Risk Assessment

From our analysis, we have determined that we designed for the worst case scenario and have a good factor of safety in our design.

Published results will be posted shortly.

Design Reviews

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