P15419: Rochester Roots Experimental Horticulture Lab

Systems Design

Table of Contents

In this phase, our group developed multiple solutions for the primary functions of the seed-starter lab. We then analyzed each solution using techniques such as benchmarking, Pugh analysis, and feasibility analysis. After selecting optimal solutions for each individual function, we developed several concepts for the system as a whole. Analyzing each system design idea and comparing its functionality to our customer & engineering requirements allowed us to select a system design.


Functional Decomposition


Morph Chart


Concept Development

Filtration Pugh

Heating Pugh

Light Sensor Pugh

Light Source Pugh

Access Pugh

Temperature Measurement Pugh

Systems Architecture

Based on this Pugh analysis our group was able to conclude that the best system design will include a heating pad, arduino/RFID heat sensor, RFID light sensor, HID light, coffee filter, and a closed system with a door to access the plants.


Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review


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