P15420: Rochester Roots Lip Balm and Hand Salve Production

Customer Interview Notes 08_28

Notes from Customer Interview with Jan McDonald 08.28.2014

students look at projects through SETS - interaction between people, plants, and technology

Montessori students follow set process: model/understand a project -> set project boundaries -> what would happen when you change xyz -> look @ sustainability -> work through project

desire extensive feedback looks - let kids try things and how their actions influence events

trying to teach kids to be critical thinkers and how to excel academically

School Address: 625 Scio St 14605 - probably using classroom 220

use two plants from garden comfrey leaves

calendula flowers

dry materials then infuse in oil for 6 weeks

simple recipe - 4 ingredients melted together

currently then use measuring cups/pipettes to fill containers

goal is to raise money for program - desire of ease of making new batches so can sell more

program is trying to become self-sufficient

heating oil in crockpot currently takes 1-1.5 hours if both oil and beeswax are cold

once mixture is melted takes several hours to fill containers

desire drying rack for leaves and flowers

desire storage space for infusing oil

basic process - will get actual recipe from jan dry petals/leaves

put in oil

allow oil to sit 6 weeks

strain out petals - require liquid to become clear and free of most particles

heat oils with beeswax to make a mixture

fill containers

let cool

cap containers

add labels by hand

desire way to automate capping

currently make 200-275 lip balm from one batch or 50-60 tins of hand salve

needs to be portable at least through the school (able to change classrooms)

for automated processes try to have viewing ability for students to see what is happening when they aren’t active in process

no federal regulations to worry about

beeswax going to be major issue for cleaning - sticks to both ceramic and metal

needs to be cleaned thoroughly or ingredients begin to sour

currently Jan scraps out as much residue as she can which cannot be reused. then puts materials used in industrial dishwasher several times to clean as much as possible

can't assume dishwasher will be available in new location

explore new materials that may allow cooled beeswax to be slide off

don't want mixture to ever boil - need to learn boiling point of beeswax

desire kids to execute test of melting point. either in person or through skype

Sep 9th field trip to montessori school - leave campus at 10:30 in order to meet Jan at 11

expects ~20 students at a time working on making lip balm/hand salve typically going to be 5/6 grade students