P15420: Rochester Roots Lip Balm and Hand Salve Production

Customer Interview Questions 08_28

1) Describe your current process

2) What are Rochester Roots goals in getting the students involved?

3) Do you expect the same quality product to remain the same when the students are making it?

4) Main safety concerns in having the students make the product?

5) When could we watch you make it? What ingredients are used?

6) Do you see any current problems in how you make the products?

7) What school will we be working at?

8) How many students do you want working on this process at any given time?

9) What size batches are currently being made? Do you desire an increase in this?

10) What variety do you expect in container shape/volume?

11) How labor intensive is this process?

12) How long does it take from start to finish?

13) What is one major area of production would you change?

14) What is your cleaning process?

15) What are your expectations of this project?

16) How familiar are you with the Montessori school?